10 unusual table name ideas

wedding table name idea

Here at Wedding Venues we love a personalised wedding that will make you stand out from the crowd. With that in mind we’ve compiled our top ten wedding table names that you can put your own spin on to make your own.


Shipshape and Bristol (wedding) fashion


Bristol conjures up thoughts of bygone voyages by John Cabot to Brunel’s feats of engineering. With its eclectic mix of old architecture nestled against modern buildings, Bristol has a vibe that reflects its cultural heritage. Whether you’re a local resident, or looking for that wedding location that is both rural but easily accessible; only 2 hours to London and less than hour away from Wales, Bristol ticks all those boxes for you. We’ve found four gert lush Bristolian wedding venues for your perfect wedding day. (more…)

Q & A session with our bride & groom-to-be

Wedding invite by Rowan Tree Cards

It’s only a couple of months until Vicky and Dan walk down the aisle at top Cotswold barn wedding venue Cripps Barn. We had a quick catch up with our bride and groom-to-be the other day to see how their plans are coming along. Here’s what they said.. (more…)

Why get married in a…. school?

School wedding venues

It might seem a little strange, but weddings in schools are really on the up. Not actual teenagers getting married while at school, I hasten to add, but couples choosing to go back to the classroom to take their vows. And why not? Where else will you find somewhere that’s always free on a Saturday, has a huge hall to dance and dine in as standard, and can take large numbers with ease? (more…)

Top tips for your first dance

Fionas Wedding Photography

First dance! That phrase has either just filled you with joy or terror. If it’s joy, congratulations – the world is your oyster. If it’s terror, then you have my sympathies. (more…)

3 Extra Eco Friendly Wedding Venues


A wedding brings together not just people and families, but a huge range of suppliers, organisers and service providers – all of whom consume resources and add to your wedding’s carbon footprint. But there are lots of ways you can make your wedding a little more sustainable, from the easy (choosing a caterer who sources their food locally) to the heroic (composting loos anyone?). (more…)

After the storm. What to do with all that wedding gear?


All of us get caught up in the exciting whirlwind as our wedding day approaches; bringing together all those little personal touches to make your celebration so perfectly you. Then there’s the joy of the big day and the honeymoon, and then… what? Post-wedding blues can be a real downer, particularly if you are one of those brides who has lived and dreamed her wedding day for months (or years!). What do you do now? (more…)

10 ways to entertain children at weddings

How entertain children at weddings

You don’t need the latest technology or vast amounts of money to keep your little guests entertained at your wedding. We’ve found ten easy peasy lemon squeezy ways to entertain children at your wedding that will guarantee happy, smiley mini people. Just what you need on your big day! (more…)