6 wedding venues you won’t believe are in the UK


If you’ve got your heart set on getting married abroad but you want all of your nearest and dearest by your side then have a look at these wedding venues that are on your doorstep but could’ve jumped out of the pages of a glossy travel brochure. (more…)

5 delightful Devon wedding venues


Home of the humble cream tea and mile upon mile of rolling countryside, not to mention the beautiful coastline, Devon has it all. It’s a truly delightful area to tie the knot in.  (more…)

5 glorious garden wedding venues


As I write this, the sun is properly out and I actually had to take my coat off on the school run this morning. This, surely, means the cold bit is over for another year? And if so, what better time than to start thinking about that most wonderful British event, the garden wedding. Always a gamble in this country, but when it pays off, nothing can beat it. So with that in mind, today’s venues all come with stunning gardens in which to hold your ceremony. (more…)

Brilliant presents for the bridal party


Have you noticed that just as you think you’re on top of the dreaded ‘wedmin’, another item pops up to clog up your To Do list? One of the things that often catches people out is the swathe of gifts that is customary to give to people who have played a key role in the wedding prep or gone above and beyond the call of duty. There can be quite a roll call of names. (more…)

5 sublime Suffolk countryside venues

Wantisden Valley

Planning a sensational Suffolk wedding? Your lucky guests are in for a real treat! With so much to offer, from beautiful rolling countryside, quaint flint-stone villages, ancient woodland, a stunning heritage coastline dotted with nature reserves, pretty seaside promenades and beach huts, and a wealth of magnificent properties from grand manor houses to thatched farm barns –  all within easy reach of London, Stansted Airport and the A1.


4 fab wedding venues with outdoor adventure playgrounds

Header image Discovery Centre play area

For many people a wedding is all about family, and wouldn’t be complete without the participation of all generations. While a weddings can be great fun for kids; the chance to dress up, show off their best moves on the dance floor, be cooed over by adoring relatives, they can be pretty boring too; there’s an awful lot of sitting around while the grown-ups chat about grown-ups’ things…  So, how are you going to keep the little ones happy so that the adults can let their hair down a little bit, have uninterrupted conversations and properly enjoy the day? (more…)

Why get married in a… brewery?

Brewery wedding venues

“Wherever beer is brewed, all is well; wherever beer is drunk, life is good” Czech proverb. This fine saying answers very neatly our question of the day – why get married in a brewery? (more…)