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Build your own wedding package

Richard Stansfield is the group marketing manager for Deckers Group and shares with us his tips for couples to get the most out of their wedding package, “After having worked at Deckers Group wedding venues for 12 years in various roles, the best advice I can offer newly-engaged couples is to sit down with a wedding […]

Styling a wonderful winter wedding

Winter weddings are the most romantic of the lot of ‘em, in my humble opinion. When you’re gathering your nearest and dearest together to celebrate the love of a lifetime, you could do a lot worse than brightening up everyone’s January: what a lovely way to bring some joy into a cold and dark part […]

Discover your new favourite drink!

Traditionally guests are given a glass of champagne, Buck’s Fizz or Pimms when they arrive at a wedding reception, but during January – when temperatures are on the cool side – I love to be handed something warm to sip on (especially after sitting through a rather chilly ceremony). So, if you are planning a […]

Lili and Michael’s real wedding

Lili and Michael had their wedding celebrations at The Willows in Melbourne, Australia, on March 10th 2016. A beautiful wedding, celebrating two cultures uniting in love – East meets West – and a glorious day of glitz and glamour. We wanted to get the low-down on how their big day went, and share it with other […]

Grrrr, not brrrr! 5 ideas for a winter stag do

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. Nonetheless, there are some activities that even the hardiest of stags might not thank you for arranging in the bleak midwinter months. North Sea fishing, for example. Or canyoning. Coasteering might not get many takers either… Canyoning in icy waters: are […]

How to have timeless style on your wedding day

Now then boys. Let’s not allow the girls to have all the fun with the pre-wedding pampering. While we’d prefer you kept away from the manscaping and waxed eyebrows (leave that to the Towie boys, eh?), a decent wet shave or well-trimmed beard, classic manicure and properly fitted suit are the basic building blocks of […]

How to do child-friendly weddings

There comes a time in every couples’ wedding planning when they have to think about children. Not whether you are going to raise a family – presumably you’ve discussed that already! No, rather, are you going to have children at your wedding, and if so, how are you going to keep them entertained? For delightful […]

Let it throw… confetti alternatives

It’s not something you will necessarily have thought about before you plunge into full-on wedding prep, but a lot of venues nowadays don’t allow the traditional tissue paper confetti that we all know and love. Environmental concerns are usually the reason cited, though we can’t blame the venue owners for not wanting to clog their […]

Top 5 venues for New Year weddings

What better time in winter is there to celebrate the start of your marriage together than New Year? It’s not only an easy date for your other half to remember for future anniversaries, but a really iconic and statement date: we’re beginning our new lives together! And while a standard New Year’s Eve is sometimes a […]