English Heritage venues: historic, romantic and stunningly photogenic!

Osborne House and Gardens

There’s a little something extra you get when you book an English Heritage-owned venue for your wedding: not only are you tying the knot in one of the country’s most important, beautiful and unique settings, but you can be ever-so-quietly satisfied in the knowledge that you are helping this charity raise much appreciated funds. (more…)

Wanderlust wedding venues to get you away from it all

Header Newton House Barns couple in cornfield

Do you have a day dream of escaping with your beloved? Just grabbing each other by the hand and whirling off to a faraway idyll, just the two of you… the tranquillity of Nature, the most breath-taking of settings, being off-grid and undisturbed… (more…)

New ways with aisles and backdrops


For couples who choose to get married in church, the aisle and the altar have remained pretty much unchanged for hundreds of years – flowers or candles decorate the central walkway. Creative couples can make an aisle and backdrop that is hugely personal to them, with decorative touches that extend far beyond a few vases of flowers. (more…)

Space, charm and elegance at Woodside in Warwickshire


Imagine your perfect venue – an elegant mansion perhaps? Room for all your friends and family to stay over? Impeccable catering using fresh, local ingredients and all to your specification? Award-winning service? An exclusive-use option? Well, if you’re anywhere near Warwickshire we have a stunner of a venue for you that offers all the above and more. (more…)