Love birds: 3 great venues for bird lovers


If you’ve got a twitcher for a fiancé, you probably already know how all-consuming their passion can be (early starts, holidays in small dark huts, lots of ‘shushing’… you know who you are!) Well, rest easy bird lovers – you are in for a treat with our three featured venues today. (more…)

How to have a beautiful wedding on a shoe-string


Totally skint but still want to have a smashing wedding celebration? Not a problem! Here’s some ideas from someone who got married immediately after graduation, on a meagre student budget ( and you’ll have plenty left over for the honeymoon you both dream of!). (more…)

10 unique wedding dress ideas


Every bride wants to look and feel great for her wedding day. Whilst many choose the traditional white gown, an ever-increasing number of people are looking for something to stand out from the crowd. We’ve hand picked a selection of the best ensembles the web has to offer, so feast your eyes on our best ever alternative bridal outfits! (more…)

Same-sex weddings – new traditions!


Since same-sex marriage became legal in the UK in 2013, tens of thousands of gay and lesbian couples have taken advantage of the legislation to proclaim their lifelong love for each other. But while straight weddings have had centuries to hone and perfect their traditions and quirks, for gay marriage it’s all new territory – so, we wondered – what new conventions are emerging? And what features from the heterosexual wedding are same-sex couples choosing to keep? (more…)

10 fun (and cheap!) ideas to incorporate into your wedding


We all want our wedding to be a memorable day, not just for us but also for the loved ones who come to watch us say our vows. One of the best ways to create an impression that lasts is to incorporate unusual or thoughtful touches, especially very personal ones. These don’t have to cost much, but can have a big impact. Below are some of our favourites – let us know your creative ideas too! (more…)

Indian summer wedding inspiration


So the actual season of “summer” might be nearly over (“what summer?!” I hear you cry!) but with September promising us glorious sunshine we thought we’d share some of our stunning venues for the ideal Indian Summer wedding! (more…)

Wedding nail inspiration


In terms of your wedding look nails are the icing on the cake! We’ve complied our 10 favourite designs to keep you polished from your fingers to your toes. (more…)