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10 Pinterest wedding trends that really shouldn’t catch on

We all know what a time vortex Pinterest can be. And how easy it is to get carried away, with all those amazing snapshots of perfect, creative, bohemian weddings. But sometimes you have to draw a line – trust us, if you’re planning any of the below, you need to delete your Pinterest account pronto!

1. Suspending tables outdoors

hanging table at wedding terrible pinterest trends
So someone was getting married outdoors and thought it would be cute to suspend a table of drinks from a tree. To me, this just shouts TODDLER HEAD HEIGHT. If you would like to spend a proportion of your reception reeling from the sounds of children’s screams and smashing glass, go right ahead and try this idea. Almost all the children I know would unwittingly walk right into this.

2. Smashing the cake into your new spouse’s face

cake smash wedding trends from pinterest that shouldn't have caught on
I really don’t know why this caught on. It might have been funny once upon a time when the first person did it spontaneously, but now it’s just clichéd and silly. And you both have to go and clean up looking daft. And it destroys your make up. And it wastes the cake. Need I go on?

3. Soup shots

soup shots wedding trends
Yes, these are a thing. If a waiter comes round with a tray of shot glasses I want there to be some sort of delicious alcohol inside them. Soup? Soup? Puhlease.

4. Bride and groom champagne flutes

pinterest trends that should not be popular bride and groom champagne flute glasses
Will you ever drink out of these again? Will you? No. Save the money and buy another bottle of champagne instead.

5. DIY centrepieces made from glitter

pinterest wedding trends glitter centre pieces
Glitter is very tempting, especially if it’s the festive season. But you, and your guests, and their distant relatives, will be wiping bits of glitter off themselves for the next forty years.

6. Selective colour photography

pinterest wedding trend fails colour shut photos
This wasn’t even cool when it first started being popular in the 1990s. It’s just pure cheese.

7. Candy buffets

pinterest wedding trend fails sweetie table
I know this is a bit contentious because some people love them, but as a parent, if I went to a wedding with one of these my heart would sink. Kids will spend the entire wedding begging and pleading for sweets, and then when they get them will turn into sugar-fuelled horror gnomes. And that’s no fun for anyone.

8. Grey wedding cakes

pinterest wedding trend fails grey cakes
Grey may still be a popular choice for interiors, but it’s just not appetising when it comes to food. Grey cakes look like they died several years ago.

9. Mashtinis

pinterest wedding trend fails mashtinis
These are mashed potato, served in a martini glass with different toppings. Who thought of this? This is all wrong, people, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

10. Donut walls

pinterest wedding trend fails doughnut walls
I love the idea of donuts at a wedding, but they really are best on a plate. Once this ‘wall’ is empty it will look like the forlorn key board at a third-rate hotel.

All pictures via Pinterest.





Sarah has been a journalist and writer for more than 20 years, including 12 at The Telegraph Magazine, and is still dining out on her own wedding tales after more than a decade.