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10 ways to entertain children at weddings

You don’t need the latest technology or vast amounts of money to keep your little guests entertained at your wedding. We’ve found ten easy peasy lemon squeezy ways to captivate children at your wedding that will guarantee happy, smiley mini people. Just what you need on your big day!

1. Popcorn during the ceremony

Popcorn snack ideas for kids at weddings

Expecting children to sit quietly during a ceremony on an exciting day when they’re dressed up and ready to party may be a bit too much to expect. To make it a fun (and quiet) time for them, have a tray of popcorn ready at the entrance, we love this rustic popcorn stand found on WeddingChicks. Tried and tested at cinemas, it’s a silent food that everybody loves.

2. Let them become mini photographers

Disposable cameras to give to children at wedding days

Always try to have any pictures with children, such as your flower girls or page boys first, before they get bored of waiting around. This is will ensure the biggest smiles for them and the best pictures for you. Have a box of disposable cameras nearby and an eye spy list to keep them occupied and make them feel like a part of your day. We found lots of childrens I spy cards on Ebay. Let them know that they’ll have their pictures printed so they can remember the fun they’ve had too.

3. Indoor and outdoor games boxes

How to entertain kids at weddings

Why not pack a box stuffed full of entertainment that can be left out all day for children to dip in and out of when they’re feeling a little bored, this will keep the kiddies out of mischief making it an enjoyable day for all.

Tailor it to your venue, for outdoor activities include a football, ball and bat, a skipping rope, perhaps a giant connect four?!  For an indoors box go for some classic board games that are suitable for all ages like snakes and ladders, naughts and crosses and of course a pack of cards for snap or gin rummey. Find these and more on Amazon.

A tent is a versitile option to go inside or out, and it can become anything in a child’s imagination. Stock it with some small world figures like toy animals, dolls and action men.

Check out selling pages on social media to pick up some bargains or ask friends to bring along a few pieces, they’ll be more than happy to help to keep their children happy!

4. Entertaining centrepieces that do all the work

Lego wedding centrepiece

Lego and Duplo pots, colour co-ordinated as a centrepiece are brilliant for all age ranges. Older children will enjoy making their own creations and little ones are happy to build up towers and cars. The enduring magic of Lego and Duplo is that they can be made and remade as many times as they want. You could print off some Lego instructions to give them a bit of inspiration, find them here.

To make the Lego fit in with your theme, store them in little pots that tie in with your colour scheme, like this one found at SouthShoreMamas.

5. Kids only tables

kids only table at weddings

These kid only tables are genius. Cover the table in paper and draw some frames on it for them to fill in, or perhaps a race track for them to have their own races with cars or a scene such as a fairy castle for them to colour in. We found this idea on Buzzfeed. A pot of colouring pencils in the centre would be perfect, or maybe provide each child with their own pack and tied with ribbon to incorporate it into your theme. If possible, using child height furniture will not only make them comfortable but also remind them of the rules they have when used in other settings such as school.

6. Craft table

craft table idea for a wedding

A craft table, set up in the room available for children to go back and forth to, is a way for them to create lovely pieces of art that can break up a long meal or entertain them during the speeches. They could even be worked on whilst waiting for courses to arrive and left to dry during meals.

The kid’s craft table at a wedding is probably best to contain crafts that are non messy we love this one from Vivid Ocassions. This could include colouring pencils, rainbow paper, pritt sticks and playdoh. Again these can be stored in pretty jam jars or any containers that match your colour scheme.

At all cost avoid glitter, your guests and the parents will thank you for it.

7. Face Painter

face painter idea for wedding

The perennial friend of the children’s birthday party, a face painter is a great way to entertain kids during that tricky time in between photographs and the evenings proceedings. Hiring a face painter for an hour or two can keep the children deep in thought as they make that big decision of what design to have painted, this one was found here at The Knotty Bride. Little girls can have flower designs and after all what is cuter than a suited and booted Spiderman?!

Make sure you get a group picture of the painted kids together, it’s definitely one to pull out at their own weddings in years to come!

8. Snack Bar

children's snack bar at a wedding

Throughout the day there can be long periods between meals, consider having a table dedicated to snacks that little (and big) people can munch on as and when they need. There are lovely milk and cookie bars that can be vintage styled, like this one from Zeffert and Gold. Whlist sweetie bars are entertaining the sugar crash has no place in your perfect day. Other snacks could be fresh fruit and yogurt, really it’s anything that doesn’t require a plate.

9. Child friendly disco

children's disco idea at a wedding

When you send out the invitations ask parents to RSVP with their child’s favourite song. This can make up a playlist for an early section of the disco. Letting the child know that they’re song will be played later on gives something to look forward to after what can be a long day for them. If your child is a total rock star check out City Collection who provide bespoke childrens entertainment.

10. Film snug

kids film snug at a wedding

Depending on the size of your venue setting up either a corner of the room or a whole room, for children to chill out in can stop them from becoming over tired and letting tempers fray. A place filled with cushions and cozy blankets will create a calming environment for children. If it is being used into the night, hang fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere, we love this little snug from Indoor Child. Pick a film that will cater for all age ranges, if in doubt choose Disney.

Bonus Tip

bouncy-castle-lillibrooke-manor-how to entertain children at weddings

Lots of wedding venues have space in their grounds for a bouncy castle, Lillibrooke Manor have a stylish white one to tie in with your theme. If you wanted to have something just for children then think about hiring a superhero bouncy castle or a Frozen one, and why not throw in a mascot?! Persuade your twice removed cousin to dress up as a power ranger to entertain the little ones whilst pictures are being taken. Have a look at North Devon Events for their full range.

What are you planning to use to entertain kids at your wedding day? Let us know your ideas below!





Benita loves the finer details of wedding planning. She passes on her big day tips and top finds to help you create the wedding of your dreams.