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5 tips a wedding florist wants you to know

Not sure where to start when it comes to the floral part of your wedding? Never fear, WedVen are here! And this blog contains expert advice…

Ali Summers and Frankie Owens are our amazing experts this week! They run Coates Florist in Chippenham and Frankie even did her own spectacular wedding flowers. Amazing. Seriously.

So, here are the top 5 things a florist wants you to know:

1. In Season

You should choose flowers in season. This isn’t about laziness or lack of imagination, it will avoid heavy spending and allow you to get the best quality of stems for your perfect wedding day! Maximise your budget by listening to the expertise of your lovely local florist.

seasonal flowers

2. Style

When you go to meet the florist, take some examples with you of styles you like (we love to see pictures and recommend Pinterest and Instagram regularly). If you can, it also helps to see the colours of fabrics being used in the wedding.

Autumn seasonal bridal flowers

Although florists absolutely love all the pictures and ideas you come with, try not to get stuck on one exact idea…try to be open minded and allow your florist to offer similar alternatives for eventualities such as the flowers being out of season or out of budget.

3. Finance

Frankie's wedding flowers

Know your budget! You might think I’m being a bit OTT, but it’s super uncomfortable for everyone if your talented florist puts together an exquisite £100 bouquet similar to the pictures the bride has shown them, but she actually only wants to spend £50…awkward! You can feel the cringe-factor from there, too, right?! However, if they know your budget they can offer alternatives to create the desired effectto a budget that suits.

4. Quel raison?

Let your florist know if there is a sentimental reason behind your flower choice. For example, if the specific flower is more important than anything else then let them know and they’ll focus on that, or if you’re not particularly phased and don’t mind what flower as long as it all matches your theme.

bridal bouquet Coates

Maybe your mum had peonies and you want them too, or perhaps your Great Aunt Daisy recently passed and you’d like a nod in your arrangements to her. Whatever the reason, your florist will be more than happy to offer their experience and advice.

5. Multi-use florals

Save on table arrangements & have vases with water waiting for you at your table to place yours and the bridesmaids bouquets in to, so they’re on show throughout your wedding breakfast. Save a little cash by doubling up the church florals too – try using them around your reception as well.

So what have we learned from our expert Florists? Well, I now know to be specific and explain my choices, to be realistic about my floral budget, and I now understand that florists know what’s in season so they’ll make my bouquet beautiful while saving me money and limiting my carbon-footprint! Winning!

flower giphy

Let us know which flowers you chose for your bouquet! What did you go for and why? Tweet us @WedVen

For more top tips on flowers, check out our blogs, or head over to our social media pages and Pinterest for further inspiration! You might even prefer this gorgeous alternative instead.




Siobhan Strode
Siobhan Strode

As a regular wedding attendee Siobhan is our lady on the inside! Married for 10 years to her childhood sweetheart, she's an editor and brings her knowledge and skills to all things wedding related.