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7 wedding make up tips from an industry pro that you need to know

We’ve teamed up with top make up artist of choice for the Savoy and all round beauty guru, Hayley DeBeers, to share with you upcoming brides the 7 make up tips that will transform you into the most radiant bride ever.

1. Get your skin looking its best, LONG before your wedding day, and keep it that way!

Ditch the face wipes at least three months before your big day. I’m serious. Burn them! They do your skin nothing but damage. If you suffer with little bumps or spots, red or dry/flaky patches, this is likely to be from using face wipes. Forget what it says on the advert – they’re not gentle on skin OR eyes, and they won’t remove your make up properly.

If you want a quick fix – something to replace the easiness of a wipe, try using a micellar water instead, with cotton pads. It will genuinely remove your eye make-up, without rubbing, and foundation too. I’ve weaned many clients and close friends off the devil’s wipes, and they have always thanked me for it.


If you wear a lot of make up, I would suggest you properly cleanse and wash your face. If not every day, three times a week minimum. Balm cleansers & a cloth are my favourite and they suit all skin types.

Stop using foundation to cover up imperfections! Using the right skincare, and investing time and a little more money in your skin will help to draw out spots and congestion, and heal scarring, resulting in better skin, long-term.

2. If you’re shopping for something new for your wedding, get a foundation you know will match your skin on the day.

Don’t say “Oh, well I’ll probably have a spray tan before anyway” because even Bobbi Brown herself can’t predict what colour your spray tan is going to be! I can’t tell you how many women have come to my demo events asking me to recommend a foundation shade, and then adding that the colour they are now isn’t the colour they’ll be on their wedding day. I’m not make-up Yoda.


3. If you’re a chapstick and mascara kinda girl, you’re gonna need to step it up!

Possibly several notches. When you have your photograph taken, it absorbs most of the colour from your face, brows and lips. This is why on TV, people HAVE to wear make up, even the dudes – because otherwise they look ill. In fact, when I trained in professional make-up for TV and film, they actually told us that, if you need to make someone look under the weather, just don’t put make-up on them.

Basically, you need to enhance your natural features for the pictures, as that how you’ll remember the day. Although it might seem silly, it’s the natural brides that need the most help when it comes to wedding make-up.

Finding someone you trust, and that ‘gets’ you can be hard, so look at loads of portfolio work for each artist, and if you like it ask to maybe speak to them on the phone to discuss your worries, and then book a trial. Take lots of images from magazines that you like to show your artist, and steer clear of Instagram as these images tend not to be very realistic.

4. Don’t underestimate the value of good eyebrows.


Not too heavy, but you need some definition there. The previous point on enhancing features needs to be repeated when it comes to brows, as they can make or break a bridal make-up. Make sure you or your artist uses a hard-wax pencil or capillary pen that is a similar colour to your hair. If you’re dark-haired you want it a shade lighter than the darkest part of your hair, and if you’re medium or light-haired you want it the same as the darkest colour in your hair or highlights.

Use feathery strokes, like you’re painting on little brow hairs, starting at the arch of the brow and feather out on either side. Use upward strokes in the inner ends of the brow as that’s how the hairs grow naturally there.

5. Don’t wear mascara on the bottom, unless it’s definitely waterproof.

I usually use a waterproof gel liner here, and if you want it to look REALLY natural do a dotted line as this will simulate the effect of mascara. Blend the dotted line slightly with a small, fluffy brush just before it dries to soften it.

6. Pale lips don’t look that good in wedding pictures.

There’s a reason why red tones come back in style EVERY year – because bold lips are timeless. We’ve all seen someone’s wedding pics from the 80’s. Bouffant hair, big puffy Princess Diana dress with long sleeves, weird fringes everywhere. Your wedding day pictures will date, that’s just a fact of life.


Hayley De Beers, make up artist

But if you go for something that’s beautiful and timeless, something that will show up in pictures and help your natural features to radiate (rather than something you’ve seen a Kardashian wearing on social media), then they will always be lovely and you’ll be proud to have them on the wall in years to come. Wouldn’t you rather that than in a album somewhere to be cringed over on your 50th anniversary, because “Oh it was the fashion back then. We had this thing called Instagram you see…”? Think about it. Go peachy, caramel or rose nude if you must.


Hayley De Beers, make up artist

7. Hiring a proper make-up artist might cost more than you think, but it will be worth more than you could imagine.

Find a good artist that can emulate your style, whether you want naturally gorgeous or gypsy wedding, there is an artist out there that can do this for you. I always email lots with my prospective brides, even before their trial, so I get a good idea of the type of person they are and what they’re expecting, not just from me but from their whole wedding day. I ask them to send a recent picture of themselves, and some ideas for the make-up they might like.


Check the MUA’s website: if there’s nothing like what you want in their portfolio of work, then it’s probably not their style. Like painters, every artist has their own style of work, and that’s ok. Personally, I find it harder to do the more over-the-top style looks, because that’s not my style. This doesn’t mean I’m incapable of doing them (I have made up a few drag-queens in my career), it’s more that I prefer to see someone’s natural features and make them radiate, rather than their make-up.


Once you find the artist for you, TRUST THEM. They have done this many times, and that’s a good thing. There may be things, like the brows or the nude lips I mentioned previously, that they will try and persuade you on, and they’re doing it for you. Trust their knowledge because that’s what you’re paying them for!

Follow Hayley de Beers on Twitter and discover her natural skin care range Lovegrove Essentials to get your skin in tip top condition for your wedding day.




Hayley De Beers
Hayley De Beers

Hayley graduated from the prestigious Delamar Academy in 2008 and has been working as a make up and hair artist ever since. Her 10 year career includes two years as Head Make-Up Artist at Urban Retreat @ Harrods, being artist of choice for some of the top hotels in London (including the Four Seasons and The Savoy) and training hundreds of other make-up professionals in bridal make-up application. She continues to work as a freelance artist and is also Creative Director and co-founder of luxury natural skincare brand Lovegrove Essentials. See more of her work at: