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Bang tidy – how to add fireworks to your wedding day!

Ooooooh! AHHHHH! Nothing adds the wow factor to a shindig like fireworks. Ever since we were children we’ve learnt to associate the beauty of pyrotechnics – pops and bangs, the anticipation of the next one to come, the one that really takes your breath away – with a celebration. If you have dreamt of seeing off your big day with a firework display then you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that it’s probably within your grasp – nowadays there a huge range of options to suit all budgets. Plenty of venues offer fireworks as part of their optional entertainment – you can read about a few of them below – but you can also choose to use an outside agency to stage your own spectacular. Some couples even go the DIY route – more of that later.


The first thing to check is that your venue approves the use of fireworks. Some may be allowed but only under certain conditions because of neighbours, or if, for example, you are near a livestock farm. Many fireworks display companies offer a low-noise display, so that option may be worth checking out.

Professional companies

The second thing to think about is your budget. Displays usually last from five minutes to about 12 (people tend to get firework fatigue after that so there’s no reason to make it any longer), and the costs are wildly varied, so you need to do your homework. Costs can range from £500 to £50,000 for a professional display! Some companies offer ‘pay per minute’ options, others offer packages where everything is included in the stated price. All should include insurance, risk assessment and of course, setting up safely.


Over at the costs range from £395 for a DIY option to nearly £1,500 for the platinum package, consisting of 12 minutes of digitally controlled firework spectacular. You can also have a bespoke package where your fireworks are set to a piece of music of your choice (perhaps your first dance?).

By contrast at, the prices are done by the minute, and start at £350 per minute up to over £1,000 per minute.

A good company will have videos and testimonials to show what they can do, so don’t be afraid to ask. They should also be able to suggest what you can get for your money if you go to them with a specific amount in mind.

DIY fireworks


DIY firework displays from:

Now, that DIY option. Some venues will insist that you use professionals for your display, but others will allow you to provide your own. offer a self-fire package that consists of two huge display fireworks and two heart rockets for £395. The display lasts for about 5 minutes and a remote-control ignition is supplied to keep you and your guests safe. This may be a good option if you are able to set up the display a good distance from guests (for example, on the far side of a lake, such as at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire or Bicton College in Devon).

Dynamite wedding venues

Other firework-friendly venues include Brympton House in Somerset, where they suggest you feast outside in the courtyard (giant paella? Hog roast?) while watching a display overhead; Kentwell Hall in Suffolk (they suggest perhaps a firework-accompanied exit as you depart down their very long driveway – awesome idea!).

At Ringwood Hall Hotel in Derbyshire they have many years’ experience organising wedding fireworks, making the most of their 29 acres of grounds to set up shows including the romantic burning hearts display.

Similarly at the Beech Hill Hotel in Windemere, the terrace makes a spectacular vantage point from which to watch a display.

You’re a sky full of stars

And finally, if you’re keen to try the musical pyrotechnics at your celebration but are stuck for a song, check out this handy list from that shows the most requested wedding fireworks songs for different counties – is yours in there?

Essex: The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
Hertfordshire: We Found Love – Rihanna
Surrey: Greatest Day – Take That
Berkshire: Amazed – Lonestar
Hampshire: Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
Northamptonshire: Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
Sussex: What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Oxford: Come What May – Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman
Kent: Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith
Bedfordshire: One Day Like This – Elbow

Have we inspired you to finish your wedding with a bang? Or what’s your favourite firework song? Comment below and let us know!





Sarah has been a journalist and writer for more than 20 years, including 12 at The Telegraph Magazine, and is still dining out on her own wedding tales after more than a decade.