What makes a Wedding Special

Whether it’s the mud at Glastonbury or the nostalgia of a Royal wedding, experts have quantified what makes certain public occasions special, by creating the formula for the perfect event.

The equation was devised following an in-depth study by major events and conferencing venue, Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, to uncover which ingredients make an event uniquely memorable from value for money and quality of food to the dilemma of whether to take along the kids.

Despite the gloom and uncertainty surrounding the economy, Brits attend seven events each year on average – forking out around £85 for each one.

Our biggest anxiety when attending an event is having to make conversation with complete strangers, with only 4% of us worried about drinking too much and making a fool of ourselves.

Of 1,000 event-goers surveyed, the standard of food served at events was a major issue, with around a third complaining about its quality. For more formal occasions, the retro classic cheese and pineapple on a stick was crowned the nation’s favourite canape.

Although October is officially the busiest time in the events calendar, those surveyed said that July is their favourite month to attend an event.

We’ve searched through our South West Venues to cherry pick some glam spots near Glastonbury in case the you get the urge to tie the knot near the home of our most famous festival (even though 2012 is cancelled due to lack of Portaloos).

Photo credit: http://blackheathbugle.files.wordpress.com/