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Doing the do! So you’ve got a hen do to plan?

A few months of planning, a few more weeks of worrying and a weekend spent running around after everyone and answering questions the rest of the girls could/should have thought of weeks ago. But it really doesn’t have to be like that, have helped over 450,000 pre-wedding party guests enjoy their weekend getaways and know a thing or two about ‘doing the do’. Here’s their rundown of the most important steps to planning a fantastic party weekend.

1. Get Ahead

Plan things as early as possible. Inevitably things will change, the bride’s second cousin twice removed will announce she’s jetting in from Australia, people will drop out, new people will come in, the bride’s second cousin twice removed will tell you she can’t make it after all, etc. The earlier you get the party ball rolling, the more time you give yourself to deal with anychanges of plan/destination/dates.

2. Do Tell the Bride

gohen hen ideas girls weekend

It’s her weekend so keep her informed, make sure you have a good idea of what she’d like to do and build a hen party that she’ll truly enjoy. You could ask her for the top 10 things on her bucket list and try and tick one of those or take her to a city she’s always wanted to see.

3. It’s Fun to be Different

Once the wedding season starts there will be lots of hen weekends to attend. They can get a bit ‘samey’, so do a little out of the box thinking. What won’t the guests have done before? What will create totally unique memories and fun hen photos that the nearly-wed can treasure for years to come?

4. Consider the Star of the Show

gohen hen ideas festival

It’s her party so it’s only right the bride should be the centre of attention. Being different is good but knitting pashminas from yak hair in a yurt in Norfolk might not be her kind of thing. Maybe take her back to the city she went to uni, theme the weekend around her favourite movie, or plan a mini-festival in her honour “Welcome to Helen-fest!”

5. It’s Good to Talk

Make sure you communicate with everyone throughout the planning. If you keep everyone updated at all times then it could help fend off too many questions (although there will no doubt still be the odd, even odder question). One top tip is to set up a Facebook group where all the bride’s guests can drop in to post comments or questions. It’s also a great way to share everyone’s photos and videos after the event.

6. Take Care of the Little Things

It’s the small stuff that can really make or break a good weekend. Preparing goodie bags or Emergency Hen Party Kits (plasters for heals, emergency mini bottles of wine, wet wipes, headache tables, emergency chocolate!). You could prepare a memory book for everyone to fill in how they met the bride or leave happy comments as something the bride can keep.

7. Make Time to Enjoy It!

gohen hen ideas kayaking

Once the weekend starts, some hens go into mother hen mode. Worrying about everyone, trying to organise every aspect which can be good. But don’t forget to take time to enjoy it, the most important thing for the bride is having fun with her favourite friends.





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