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What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I was chatting to a friend recently who got married on New Year’s Eve eight years ago, in a very cool gallery in Brooklyn, New York. I was there (in fact, I was their officiant!) and it was awesomely good fun. But I often wonder if there are downsides to a New Year’s Eve wedding, and whether they outweigh the obvious, party-on upsides. What do you think?

Would you ever get married on New Year’s Eve? Maybe you already have and you can add more reasons to our lists! Let us know below.

Reasons to go for it:

Everyone will be in the party mood anyway.

You get to have lots of excuses for sparkly dresses and sequins and gold and bling.

Instead of the party tailing off towards midnight, everyone will be revving up and anticipating more dancing and drinking.

You’ll never forget your anniversary (and neither will anyone else!)

New Year's Eve wedding favour ideas

You can take advantage of all the New Year’s Eve party paraphernalia available to decorate in a really glamorous way.

Some couples shell out a fortune for fireworks at their wedding. If you choose your venue carefully there may be fireworks already happening on which you can piggyback!

Guests will likely be really pleased that you’ve sorted out their New Year’s Eve celebrations for them.

New Year's Eve wedding party

Most people are going to be off work anyway, so if you are inviting guests from abroad they are more likely to be able to attend.

Cute props abound: how about a photobooth where guests hold up cards stating their new year’s resolutions?

Things to think about

You’ll need to start celebrations later than is usual at a wedding so people don’t flag. Couples often opt for an 8pm start to the ceremony so you’ll need a venue that’s up for that.

Likewise, the best venues are ones where people can stay over – no one wants to be trying to get a taxi after midnight on NYE.

If people do need to get home, make sure you have a minibus or reliable cab company booked well in advance to get people where they need to go.

Make sure you have the countdown well planned – you don’t want to miss it through too much partying! Get the DJ to incorporate it into his set and have a killer song to get everyone on the floor straight afterwards (think New York, New York, All you Need is Love, Don’t Stop Me Now – yes, they’re cheesy, but who’s going to quibble after an evening’s drinking?)

New Year's Eve wedding fireworks

Guests with children may be thrown into a conundrum. Younger children won’t be able to last the whole night. Even older ones will probably be flagging by midnight. Hiring babysitters for the evening will be astronomical. For this
reason, if you want friends with children to attend you might want to consider a venue with accommodation on site, and then hire one babysitter to keep an eye on all the sleeping beauties.

Some guests may be away for the Christmas and New Year period – try to nip this in the bud by getting your ‘save the date’s out as early as possible.

New Year's Eve wedding photobooth idea

Consider anniversary celebrations in years ahead – will you want to fight for tables at overbooked restaurants and pay inflated prices every time?

Staff and supplier costs are likely to be more simply because it’s that time of the year. A musician friend of mine always expects at least double pay (often triple) on New Year’s Eve. Eek!

Still set on it? Good for you! Have a look at these New Year’s Eve wedding ideas on Pinterest to get you in the mood.

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Sarah has been a journalist and writer for more than 20 years, including 12 at The Telegraph Magazine, and is still dining out on her own wedding tales after more than a decade.