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Personalise Your Wedding Day

Personalise Your Wedding
A marriage ceremony is the  joining of two people, and while looking to the future, it’s also important to review the journey that brought you to this place of union and the foundation on which you are beginning your new life together.

However big or small, show who you really are – not who you think you should be because of current trends. Let your day represent who you are as a couple, and it will mean more to you and your guests. Traditions in ceremonies are changing, so why not make the things that define your relationship a big part of your celebration.

Often people assume that the bride makes most of the decisions, but each aspect should really represent the bride and groom.  Making things work for both of you could be as simple as using your special song, or where you met, or your favourite season. Use the different pieces of your story to highlight what makes you a wonderful couple on your wedding day.

When deciding on colours, use choices that are both your favourite in a way that compliments the other. It may mean varying the shade a little, but make it a representation of both of you.  Select flowers that hold special meaning for you too.  Maybe one of you gave the other flowers on your first date or you planted flowers in a garden together and can incorporate these into the table displays or hand helds.

Instead of using table numbers, add some fun and personalise the tables after something you love doing together. It could be visiting zoos (think Lion, Monkey, Zebra) countries you’ve visited (London Paris New York) or cultural pursuits like Museums and Art Institutes which you could represent in pictures.

You can let the favors be another representation of something you love, whether it be a miniature of your theme or a favorite chocolate or dessert, or maybe a ticket to your favourite museum or gallery.
Another lasting gift can be a donation to a charity or worthy cause you are both passionate about.

Don’t forget to arrive in style, whatever your chosen mode of transport…  surfer chic in a vintage VW Camper, biker bride on a full throttle Harley Davidson, or take the classic Bond approach and slink up in a smooth Aston Martin.

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Anna Vandersteen

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