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Secrets of South London

South London wedding venue
South London conjures up vast stretches of colourful, noisy and riotous urban landscapes. Chirpy market lilts fighting for a voice above the constant throb of routemasters coming and going from the Elephant, and Boombox loud symphonies competing against a cacophony of A3 traffic. It has the kind of raw energy that only the harsh reality of city life can truly gather, so it might not be everybodys first choice for a wedding destination.

But look closer and you will find decorum hidden amongst our unharmonious social gatherings and modern sprawling architecture. There are some fine historical gems to be found in South London, and I have selected a few that hold particular interest. Special places that can lend some iconic London style to your day, without losing any of the Souths cognizant spirit.

Lets start uptown. I can’t think of anywhere more Londoney than Tower Bridge (other than, perhaps, London Bridge). And to top it off, you can now get married there. With some of the best views of London, this is truly a wow factor wedding venue for the London lover.

Lambeth, densely populated and bursting with life, and tucked away you will find the quite astonishing little Garden Museum. Perfect for a South London Soiree.

Roehampton, Londons last village on the borders of Richmond Park and famous for its university and Corbusier styled housing estates, is also home to Parkstead House, a grand Georgian villa with fine interiors, and 14 acres of estate gardens perfect for a large London wedding.

If you want to search all the wedding venues in London we now have a handy map search that will help you get some top wedding ideas.

We also have about 30 featured London venues that you might want to check out. Not all are South of the river but It’s food for thought. See the London Wedding Venue search page for details. And if you really want more capital wedding location inspiration we have collated a list of over 300+ venues in the Greater London area.

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