Wedding Flowers

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding can be a tough decision.  You may love a particular bloom that is out of season when you plan to hold your wedding, or it might not be the colour you had in mind for your overall design.

Fresh wedding flowers should be one of the things on the top of your list, so find yourself a great local florist as soon as you can, and let her talk you through the best options for your day.

Top of the 2012 trends and still riding high is the vintage look, with loose country style hand-tied scented roses, dahlias and peonies in shades of soft pinks with pretty lace ties.

But with the recession in full swing, many brides on a credit crunch budget are now choosing flowers that might not be the height of fashion, but still have a lot to offer.  Flowers like Carnations and Chrystanthemums, which might seem a little out of date (perfect for a retro 1960’s and 70’s wedding) can look gorgeous if you find the right colour, like these beautiful Antigua Carnations in the photo above.

If you’re looking for something understated, many couples are choosing to hire in topiary trees, sweet smelling lavender bushes, or cheaper bulbs like Daffodils, which grouped together have a great impact and will keep things looking simple and elegant, whilst saving you money on expensive floral designs.

Whatever your favourite flora, try to make your choices to natural, homegrown English varieties, and help keep your wedding green and earth friendly.