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Wellbeing for Brides: 5 fitness moves you need to master!

We’ve been speaking to our local fitness expert, and fellow #VLM2017 runner, Chantal Moore – a personal trainer and Bridal fitness expert – who tells us how to work the top bridal target areas. She identifies those as the places most exposed in dresses: triceps, shoulders, and upper back. These five moves are guaranteed to help you get fit, build strength and stamina as well as make you look and feel like a hottie.

Ivory has this clever way of making every bride feel truly beautiful, and the effect is enhanced by the radiating glow of being madly in love. Honestly, all you really need to do to look AWESOME in your wedding dress is to wear it. However, we understand that you might want to feel healthier and fitter for your big day.

You might not be training for a marathon, but you are building up to your wedding day – probably the biggest day of your life so far! It’s not often that you’re the centre of attention, with hundreds of eyes watching you, and you’re wearing something that you probably don’t wear on a daily basis. Your arms are out, your decolletage is displayed, you’re bringing sexy back – and there are cameras everywhere!


Well, have no fear!  Chantal Moore works with brides-to-be to build their confidence and tone up those on-show areas. Chantal recently got engaged, so knows what you’re all going through. She has devised a personal training plan especially for you – our treasured WedVen readers – putting together 5 moves that will make you stronger, more toned and will give you that photogenic glow you are after in your wedding photos!

1. Press ups: upper body

Try and keep back nice and straight, so you should feel your abdominals working too. This exercise will target the whole of the upper body, in particular your arms, chest and shoulders.  Level 1 – on knees. Level 2 – full press ups.


2. Plank Row: shoulders, core + back

This exercise targets shoulders, core and those back muscles! Make sure you pull the elbow up as high as you can, try and get your hand to your armpit!  With these, it’s very important to keep your back straight, in what Chantal calls a “neutral position”, so again your core should be working at all times. Make sure you use pelvic floor muscles too.  Use small weights if you have them; if not, find something else you can use like water bottles or tins of food. You can also just do this as a body weight exercise.  Level 1 – on knees.  Level 2 – full front support position.


3. Dips: arms

One of Chantal’s favourite exercises to give your arms that toned look! A great exercise that targets the bingo wings (technical term: triceps!). For this one it is really important to keep the chest up and shoulders back so that you are in the correct position. Level 1 – knees bent in. Level 2 – legs straight.


4. Criss cross: stomach

This exercise targets the area we all love to hate: The Tummy! Chantal says we need to make sure that, with this exercise, the lower back stays down in contact with the floor. So only take the leg you are stretching away from you as low as you can control.  Level 1 – keep one foot on the floor.  Level 2- both feet up as you extend the other leg away.


5. Plank: arms, shoulders + core

Again, great for arms, shoulders and core. Make sure you are pulling up and in with the abdominals and keeping the back nice and straight. The lower abs should be doing lots of work, as soon as you start to feel anything in the lower back you know you are getting tired and it’s time to rest! Level 1- on knees. Level 2 – full plank.


Beginner brides should do Level 1:
30 secs work/ 30 secs rest each exercise and repeat 3-4 times through. So should be no longer than 20 mins.

Advanced brides should try Level 2:
45 secs work/15 secs rest for each exercise and repeat 4 times through.

Venues for the Fit

You’re now good to go thanks to Chantal’s fitness moves, but what about the big day itself?  These venues all boast state-of-the-art gyms and gorgeous spa facilities, perfect for brides and grooms wanting to keep up their routines and have a healthy glow on their wedding day!

Mercure Southgate Hotel in Exeter, Devon

Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel
Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel Free Brochure

The leisure club at the luxurious Mercure Southgate Hotel, with its light and airy, streamlined pool, spa pool, gym and saunas will help keep you healthy and relaxed, ready with a glow for your big day.

Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Golf and Country Estate in Liphook, Hampshire

Your guests will love making the most of Old Thorns Manor Hotel’s magnificent golf couse, stunning spa and brand new gym and wellness suite, which they’ll have access to at preferential rates as members of your wedding party.

Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa in Christchurch, Dorset

Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa
Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa Free Brochure

The Christchurch Harbour Hotel boasts the award winning Harbour Spa, featuring a hydrotherapy pool, crystal steam room, salt grotto, state-of-the-art gym, five treatment rooms and a rest and refresh area!

Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club in Wadhurst, East Sussex

Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club
Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club Free Brochure

Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club manages to give you the best in beautiful relaxation and health facilities: indoor heated pool, gymnasium and a fantastic 18 hole golf course – all you and your guests need for the perfect wedding weekend!

Photos kindly taken by Chantal Moore exclusively for




Siobhan Strode
Siobhan Strode

As a regular wedding attendee Siobhan is our lady on the inside! Married for 10 years to her childhood sweetheart, she's an editor and brings her knowledge and skills to all things wedding related.