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Town Hall Wedding Venues in the United Kingdom

Your wedding is as unique as you are, bringing together your personal combination of ingredients to create the perfect day. If your particular recipe requires a sprinkling of grandeur and even splendour, why not consider a venue that brings these qualities in spades? Town halls offer a certain something that may be missing from other wedding venues. Maybe it is their position within the community as a centre for important events, or the stunning architecture and impressive function rooms that make them so suited for wedding events. There is no doubt that choosing a town hall as your wedding location will bring something special to your ceremony or reception, and you may be surprised by the town hall wedding venues available near you.
From grand, neo-gothic architecture and interiors with a touch of Harry Potter in Lancashire, to acres of majestic garden and capacity for a thousand guests in the heart of London, you will be spoilt for choice. You might even be able to match your town hall wedding venue to your themed wedding ideas. How about a romantic trip back to 1930s North London with an amazing example of decadent and glamorous art-deco design, complete with beautiful dark mahoganies, chic marble and even a glitter ball and original sprung maple-wood dance floor? Or instead, your theme may be perfect for a town hall with elegant flourishes of exquisite Victoriana in Oxfordshire. Across the country from Chester to Colchester, some town halls are of such historical importance that they are Grade I listed, so if you would like a slice of history as the backdrop to your wedding photos, a town hall could be the answer.
There is a wealth of choice for your council house wedding venues, civic centre function room or town hall marriage celebration. Add in convenient town-centre locations, sometimes on grand squares, good transport links and some attractive budget packages and this could be for you.