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You’ll find answers to most questions about adding your venue below. If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected].

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Welcome to!

If you don’t already have an account for your venue you can take out our months free trial here!
It’s a simple form that will guide you step by step through the process of adding your venue to the site. Before starting, you may want to gather details of your venue, images and contact information.

If you need help setting up just contact us at [email protected]

It may be that we already have some details of your venue on the site. Try doing a quick search in your area to check. If you find an old listing we should be able to reactivate it and set you up with a trial period. Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Can I add my venue to

If you own or run a wedding venue in the UK we’d love to add you to The process is very easy, just click here and fill out the form.

Should you need any help or have any questions please contact the customer support team on [email protected].

How can I contact you?

You can email us at [email protected] or log into your admin area and chat with us on instant messenger.

Is mobile friendly?

Yes! You should be able to view the website across all screen sizes.


If you have any problems accessing the site feel free to get in contact. The web is changing at an incredible rate and our rolling development of the site and service means we can quickly adapt to new innovations.

Is secure?

We take security very seriously and use a variety of industry standard services and techniques to keep your data safe and secure. All payment data is kept on a separate server environment from the website and is highly encrypted.

Some quick stats for has been running over 14 years and lists over 6,000 venues across the UK.
Each month over 80,000 couples visit the site and browse around 285,000 pages. Unlike many wedding website we concentrate exclusively on venues and venues alone.
We offer a host of marketing options for venues, for more info about the plans we offer click here.

How do I sign up for a free trial?

Our no obligation one month free trial is available to new sign ups and you can register for the free trial here!

How long does a free trial last?

The free trial gives you unlimited access to the site and all of its great features for one month. The free trial will start on the day you compete the sign up and will expire on the same date of the following month.

What information will I need for the trial?

To get started you’ll need some images of the venue, the venue information (eg, guest numbers, venue type) and some text about the venue and what features it has. The process is very simple and you’ll be given prompts every step of the way for what information is required.

Do I have to give payment details for free the trial?

Not at all – we offer a full months trial absolutely free of charge. No credit card details needed and you have no commitment to signing up at the end of the trial. To start a trial just click here to sign up.

If you have any questions about the trial just drop us an email to [email protected].

How long does a subscription last?

Each subscription type lasts for one full year. We’ll email each year to remind you about your subscription before it ends.

How much does a subscription cost?

Not all venues are alike, so we offer a range of wedding packages to choose from. The standard package starts at just £295 +VAT a year. For full details on what each package offers just drop us a line at [email protected].

How do I renew my subscription?

You will receive an email when your subscription is due to expire, which will give you the option to automatically renew your subscription or cancel it.

If you have previously been subscribed to the site and would like to take out a new membership, please drop us an email to [email protected] where we can talk you through recovering your old listing and renewing your subscription.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Payments can be made through our secure online payments system. You will be sent a link to the payment system Stripe, where you can make your payment. We accept all major forms of credit/debit cards. We will never ask for your credit card details by email.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe makes use of best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

How do I log into my venue account?

You can log into your account here using your registered email address and password.

Help! I've forgotten my login details

If you have forgotten your login details please click here to request a new password. If you continue to experience issues logging in it may be that the email address we have for you on file is no longer in service. Click here to contact our support team and let us know your venue and a phone number we can reach you on and we can re-set the login for you manually.

Can I have multiple logins for one account?

Yes, very soon! This feature will be added in Autumn 2016 and will allow multiple logins to be set up for an account. For businesses with more than one venue there will be a master account from which you will be able to delegate login details to the different venues and staff members.
If you are an agent managing groups of venues you also have the ability to manage which of your customers have access to any number of venues and control mail and billing access.

I've just taken over a venue which is listed on your site but I cannot log in

We appreciate that venues sometime change hands. If you can see your venue listed on our site but cannot log in, please drop us an email to [email protected] or call us on 0845 564 1830. We will require some proof that you are the new owner or manager of the venue and once verified will be able to set you up with access to your listing, news and events.

How do I add/update my images?

Images should be at least 800px in width, under 1mb in size and the file type should be either PNG, JPEG, JPG or GIF.

These images can be uploaded and arranged in your admin area by dragging and dropping them into the sequence you prefer. It’s good to bear in mind that the first image will be used as your main image (we recommend this is an exterior photo of the venue), and the first three images will be displayed along the top of your listing. If you are using photos of real weddings please make sure you have the photographers permission.

Every venue can have at least 30 images, each with a caption and descriptive text. Generally, the better the images quality and the more you add the more interest you will have from couples.

To remove an image you simply need to click the X at the top, right corner of the picture you’d like to delete.

You can access your admin area via this login link:

How do I edit my text?

Your venue information can be edited through your admin area by clicking on ‘edit listing’ and scrolling down to the text section. To save the changes simply click the save button at the top right hand corner of the page.

You can access your admin area via this login link:

How do I add a news post?

News posts are added to your venue page through your admin area by clicking on the ‘Add news’ button.  The News post will need a header, some text and an image. You can add images from your listing to the news post or alternatively you can upload a new image.

Once submitted, News posts are placed in a queue for approval by our customer support team and these will usually go live within 24 hours. News items are often tweeted and posted onto social channels making them an excellent way of promoting your venue to couples. You can add late availability dates, news items, event dates and more.

How do I add PDFs?

This feature will be added in Autumn 2016 – watch this space!

How do I add videos?

This feature will be added in Autumn 2016 – watch this space!

How can I get my venue on your homepage?

A new feature launching in Autumn 2016 will allow venues to purchase extras for their account, including the option to be featured on our homepage or have a top ranking spot for different cities/counties.

Post your news on our Offers & Events page.

News posts are a great way to spread the word about up and coming events and new information about your venue. News posts can include details about:

Special Offers – Is your venue is currently running an offer for a discount off a wedding package or a free stay for the couple if they book before the end of the month? 

Late Availability – Let couples know of your venues late availability dates for the coming months or if you’ve had a cancellation. 

Venue News – Has your venue just had a refurb or have you recently added a new spa? Has your venues just hosted a celebrity wedding or nominated for an award?

Open Days – If you are hosting an open day or taster evening for potential couples to view the venue post the dates and times here.

Wedding Fairs – Post the dates and times for up coming wedding venues, and post follow up reminder posts.

Competitions – Use the news section to post details about competitions your venue is hosting, whether it be a free nights stay or free bottle of bubbly.  Everyone loves a good competition so its a great way to draw couples into your venue page.

News posts will be featured on our dedicated news page, as well as retweeted through our popular Twitter feed. Posts can be added to your venue page through your admin area, under the ‘add news’ button. 

How do I get my venue seen on your Twitter feed?

Your venue will be mentioned in a twitter post whenever your venue is shortlisted by a couple. This will provide a link from the tweet directly to your venues page on our website. New venues are also tweeted about once the account is active.

How can couples contact me?

For subscribed venues, couples can send you a message directly from your listing page by clicking the ‘request a brochure’ button, or they can click directly through to your website. We also publish your phone number on the listing page to encourage couples to order a brochure or enquire about availability dates.
Then it’s over to you!

Do you recommend my venue?

Yes – when a similar venue to yours is shortlisted, the couple will receive emails with recommended venues within the same area. We recommend four different venues per email on a rotational basis.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by logging into your account here and going to the account section. Here you can enter your new password and once you’re done click save.

How do I change the main contact on my account?

You can change the main contact in your admin area by logging into your account here and going to the account section. Here you can change the name, email address and telephone number to your new contact, as well as setting a new log in password. The new email address will now be your log in username.

How do I remove my listing?

If you would like to remove your listing from the site please drop us an email to [email protected].

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